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Custom Glass.

For all your glass and mirror products, door and window repairs trust the premier specialists in Malvern. Serving Chester County we offer high quality, affordable solutions. 

Custom Glass (Tables/Shelves)

We offer a wide variety of custom glass for all customer needs. Some of these needs include; splash guard, table tops, cabinets, sneeze guards (i.e.Deli's, Pizzeria's), and more.
Custom Glass (Table Tops/Shelves)

Above is a small selection of work we have done when it comes to custom glass.

  • Table tops are one of the most common custom glass orders; clients look for it to cover and protect their tables without taking away the original look the table brings to the room.

  • Standard table top thickness is 1/4"; certain situations or personal preference ask for 3/8" or 1/2" thickness. We can do it all!

  • All outside patio tables require tempered (safety) glass, but this is not necessary for indoor tables. Indoor table tops can vary in this situation depending on the setup. The 1st picture in the gallery is a good example where a tempered table top would be require.

  • Most table tops have a polished finish to the edge.

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