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Glass Door & Window Repair.

For all your glass and mirror products, door and window repairs trust the premier specialists in Malvern. Serving Chester County we offer high quality, affordable solutions. 

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Sliding Patio Door Glass Replacement
Foggy Window Glass Replaced with new clear glass

Glass Replacement and Repair


For any type, size, and design of glass, damage can accumulate over time and there can be a breakage, scratches, and fogging over it. At Top Pro Glass, we specialize in ensuring our customers get the best quality service for all things glass-related. And that includes repair and replacement of your glass products. From small glass frames to large storefronts, our team of experts professionally and efficiently deals with any kind of glass damage from inspection to the final solutions. Commercial and residential glass repairs and glass replacements – we handle all requests. 


When to get a glass replacement or repair


Apart from the regular wear and tear and aging of your glass structures, you may need to replace or repair them for any number of reasons. 

Safety concerns are foremost in that consideration – shattered or broken glass may lead to injuries and health risks. Faulty locking and closing of glass structures - shower doors, entrance doors, and windows – may require a glass replacement.

Lack of energy efficiency is another factor to take into account – if your energy bills are unexpectedly high, there can be a problem with the insulation of your windows and other glass structures. Replacing the glass may be best here.

You might also want to pay attention to any cracks, chips, and discoloration of your glass panels and structures. In addition, condensation and moisture between glass panels may lead to seal failure and requires immediate attention. 

And you may just want to replace your glass structures – windows, shower doors, railings, storefronts, or others – for style and aesthetic reasons. Replacing out-of-style glass or glass that is mismatched to your property’s décor is possible as well.


Our glass repair and replacement services


Whether you need a replacement for a worn-out shower door, a storefront, or a picture frame or you need to repair your cracked window panel, we have the right expertise and equipment to handle all your glass repairs and replacements. Our domain of glass replacement and glass repair extends to all-glass structures – from small and delicate glass structures to large and complex ones, we deal with all kinds of glass repairs. Here are just some of the glass repairs we offer:

  • Glass storefronts

  • Commercial glass doors

  • Patio Sliding Glass Door Replacement

  • Residential glass doors

  • Glass picture frames

  • Glass tabletops

  • Skylights

  • Double Hung Windows

  • Insulated glass units (IGUs).

  • Commercial Storefront Glass Repair.

  • Sliding Glass Doors

Our services ensure that you get a cost-efficient, effective and quick solution without any additional construction and use of resources. Improved energy efficiency and insulation, modern and stylish designs, resistance to damage, and highest safety standards– our glass repair services incorporate all these aspects with expert solutions and quick installation to ensure the problem doesn’t occur again.


Leave it to our team of specialists


Our team of experts is well-equipped with the right knowledge and tools to diagnose the problem through detailed inspection, come up with a viable solution, and safely carry out any glass repairs or new installations. You can expect a professional and quick response, premium quality glass installation, and the highest level of safety standards for all your glass repair and replacement needs. 

We restore energy efficiency by installing new insulated glass units including double=pane and triple pane glass. We use tempered or laminated glass for glass structures requiring additional strength to enhance the safety feature. If you require a glass replacement for better privacy, we also offer frosted and textured panels for privacy glass.

Our specialists will inspect your glass structures to determine if they need a repair or complete replacement. It depends on many factors such as the extent of damage, the size and condition of the glass structure, the root of the problem, and your specific needs. 

Contact us today to get a free estimate for any glass repair needs you have.

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