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Find answers to common questions here. If you can't find what you are looking for please Get in Touch Here and we'll be happy to assist you.

  • What types of solutions do you offer?
    The types of solutions we offer are: Fabrication, delivery, and installation of shower enclosures Shower enclosure repair and maintenance Fabrication, delivery, and installation of storefronts Storefront repair and maintenance Fabrication, repair, delivery, and installation of windows and IG Units Fabrication, delivery, installation, and removal of mirrors ◦ Including beveled mirrors, antique mirror, and mirror backsplash Fabrication, delivery, and installation of glass shelves Fabrication, delivery, and installation of glass table tops Fabrication, repair, delivery, and installation of screen doors and windows Fabrication, repair, delivery, and installation of glass railings. Custom glass fabrication of any kind Plus much more!
  • Do you have a showroom?
    Yes, we do have a showroom and clients and contractors are more than welcome to stop in anytime, no appointment needed. We have examples of the different shower enclosures, the different types of glass, different types of mirrors, and the different hardware options as well as the color options.
  • What is the benefit of using a local glass company versus a big corporation such as Home Depot?
    Our pricing is on par with other good glass companies in the local area. We advise staying away from big corporations, like Home Depot and Lowes. They have cheap products from China with fancy marketing names (“DreamLine”) that are mass produced standard sizes and they use “handymen” contractors locally. Handyman= they do a little bit of everything. We get numerous calls a week to come out and fix an installation that was originally completed by one of these big corporations. So even if you don’t use us, stick with a local specialist company, they are experts and know what they are doing.
  • What is the current lead time for installation of a shower enclosure/door?
    Our current lead time is 2-3 weeks after the order is placed. Once the glass comes in our customer service representative contacts the homeowner or contractor to schedule the installation.
  • How long does it take for the actual installation of a shower enclosure?
    The installation process takes approximately 2-4 hours to complete (depending on the setup). This timeframe is an approximation and can vary based on the work that is being completed.
  • How long do I have to wait to use the shower after the glass is installed?
    We understand the excitement of seeing the finished and installed shower enclosure. However, we ask our clients to refrain from using the shower for 48 hours after the installation is complete. The reason is because the mildew-resistant silicone that we use needs time to set and harden in order for it to achieve its optimal effectiveness.
  • What is the difference between tempered glass and non-tempered glass?
    Tempered glass is considered safety glass and is much stronger than non-tempered (annealed) glass. If tempered glass breaks it breaks into much smaller pieces with fewer sharp edges.
  • What kind of glass is used for shower enclosures?
    We use ⅜” tempered glass for our shower enclosures.
  • Should I upgrade the glass for my shower to ½” thickness versus ⅜”?
    We start to recommend upgrading the fixed panels to ½” when the width and overall size of glass crosses specific width/height ratios. This is important because our first option is to always avoid using headers or support bars (They take away from the clean, open look). We will recommend (make it optional) OR we will make it mandatory depending on the setup. We want to avoid using ½” thick glass for the doors to avoid any unnecessary strain on the hinges that could wear them down over time.
  • What is that glass that I don’t have to clean? Do you provide that for shower enclosures?
    ShowerGuard is a popular upgrade for glass and it is promoted as glass that you do not have to clean. However, this is not true and you do have to regularly clean the glass and is even stated in the warranty for ShowerGuard. ShowerGuard is something that we can provide to any client that wishes to upgrade their glass but we do not push or promote it. There are other products on the market that have the same effect as ShowerGuard and they are more cost effective.
  • What other options do I have in regards to upgrades to the glass for my shower enclosure?
    One of the most popular upgrades that we offer is called Starphire Glass. It is a very clear, low-iron glass. Starphire Glass removes a lot of the green tint that naturally occurs in glass with the end result being a very clear glass. If you have a lot of light in your bathroom or if you want to showcase the tile work in your shower then Starphire Glass would be an excellent option for you.
  • Do you offer free quotes for shower enclosures?
    Yes we do. Before we come out in person to measure the shower enclosure we prefer to get on the same page with pricing and design in order to be more efficient with your time and ours. For this reason we prefer to give a free quote before we come out in person to measure.
  • What information do you need in order to provide me with a free quote and how do I get a free quote?
    You can request a general quote here, use our shower design tool here, or email is at and include the following information: The project location/address Approximate measurements (width, depth, and height) Pictures of the current setup What hardware color you would like The overall design that you would like (swing door vs. a sliding door)
  • Why must I provide all of that information in order to get a free quote?
    All of the information that we ask for does factor into the pricing that we provide. We cannot provide any sort of accurate initial pricing without the information listed above. We try our best to keep our costs competitive with the leading glass companies in the area. We try to offer our clients the best price while still providing the design/setup that is desired. We detail everything in our pricing so there are no surprises for the client. We do not take shortcuts when it comes to our products/services.
  • What is included in the price of the free quote?
    We factor everything into the total cost that we provide and break it down for our clients (no surprises). The final cost includes the cost of an in-person template, professional glass fabrication, delivery, installation, and hardware.
  • I just received my free quote and was wondering if there were any ways to lower the cost?
    Yes. There are few cost effective options that a client can choose to pursue if they would like to lower the cost of the initial quote. The two most popular changes are a U-Channel instead of clips and non-mitered corners. With no miters, we would butt the glass up to one another on the corner. Be careful with other companies as some price these in from the start. Make sure you know what you are getting. Our pricing always starts with clips and the miter. They look better and are stronger/safer.
  • I am unsure if I want a swing door or a sliding door for my shower enclosure, can I still get a free quote?
    Yes. We just ask that you tell us that you are unsure what kind of setup you would like and we will provide you the cost of both.
  • Do you offer a warranty on your shower enclosures?
    Yes we do. We do not take shortcuts with any of our products/services. Our company offers a 1 year warranty on all of shower enclosures. The warranty includes protection against leaks, hardware failure, and adjustments/maintenance.
  • Do you repair screen doors and windows?
    Yes, we do. The most cost effective option is to bring the screens into our shop. We will repair them in house and call the client once the work is completed. Our current lead time for screen repair is a few days.
  • I am unable to remove my screen to bring it into the shop. Can you still repair it?
    Yes, we can. We can come out to you to remove the screen and bring it back to our shop or we can repair the screen on site. We always try to offer the most cost effective option for our clients upfront. In the case of screen repair the most effective option is to bring the screen into our shop. However, in some cases a client cannot remove the screen or transport it themselves. In these cases, for an additional fee on top of the screen repair we will come out to the location and transport it back to our shop for repairs. We can do on site screen repair if needed, however, that is the least cost effective option for the client so this is an option we try to avoid if possible.
  • Do you offer a warranty on your IG units?
    Yes we do. We do not take shortcuts with any of our products/services. For our IG Units we partner with arguably the best IG unit fabrication plant in the country. We include the company’s warranty with all of our IG units. Be careful with other companies using poorly produced units.
  • I have a broken window; can I have just the glass replaced or do I need a whole new window?
    Every window is different and every situation is different. To avoid any confusion your best bet is to have one of our experienced technicians come out and assess the window.
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